Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a Great Circle

Well we just completed this incredible retreat at the ranch and two weeks later we sit in circle and witnessed everyone's process. What a wonderful opportunity we are sharing. So last thursday night we had 20 men attend the heart circle, share and witness life since the retreat. We look forward to those of you with your own ideas of events and processes we can share in community. By all means if you have an idea or an interest let us know so we can incorporate it in the process! Details of the next retreat will soon be posted.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter Retreat Update/January 24, 2008 Gathering

It is one week following the Winter Retreat at the ranch. My head is still spinning in pure delight at what an awesome experience we shared in the Cedar Forest of Spring City. First of all thanks to Loretta and Brook for working in such a loving and nurturing manner. These two women are part of the magic of these retreats and I want to honor them for those efforts.

As for the retreat itself, the ranch was magical in the new snow layers offered to us. Sean Kaminsky, the director of the show being filmed was present and captured all the magic and growth of the retreat. Surprisingly this was a pure incidental to the overall process, thus allowing for a free flowing event.

In knowing many of the men I truly honor them for their willingness to show up, share, examine and otherwise journey into a new place.

"Nothing determines who we will become so much as those things we choose to ignore." --Sandor McNab

So, overall the retreat continues to sit with me and in my heart as a truly magical and spirit filled weekend, perhaps life altering for the men who participated. Photos will be showing up soon.


Thursday January 24, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. we will hold our talking circle at our usual location. (You are welcome to e mail for directions and a address).

This circle is open to the Queer Men looking to share or witness. You are not required to talk. You need not have attended in the past or been to a retreat. I suspect many men from the retreats will have an interest to process more of their journey. Till we meet again!


Monday, January 7, 2008


Well the holidays are behind us and what a wonderful winter season we have. Queer Spirit has also been busy.

1. Fellow Travelers Exhibit is soon to be on its way to another state. It is currently hanging at Cup of Joe's and will be there until I can get my act together and take it down. I imagine sometime this week I will get it retrieved. From what I hear many people from Salt Lake City viewed and pondered this beautiful collection by author Mark Thompson. Please see the Q Salt Lake article on this website. I want to thank the owner of Cup of Joe who generously provided space at her coffee shop for the show. Also, Q Salt Lake provided advertisment free of charge for nearly two months. This was a generous offering from them.

2. Gay Soul Making: Great hit. Mark Thompson and Clyde Hall provided insights and group facilitation offering some thoughts to a group of 20 men. This website offers a detail review of that workshop.

3. Post Holiday PJ Party: 13 men got together between holidays, donning grandma's christmas offerings and together watched The Peaceful Warrior. Great fun and social time for all involved.

4. The Winter Retreat is next weekend (Jan 11-13, 2008) We will be filmed by the Logo station for an upcoming special regarding Queer Spirit. Right now there are 15 guys ready to hit Wind Walker Ranch. Still time to go!

This movement of Queer Spirit has been an absolute joy to watch and observe. More and more men are checking it out and moving with what we offer. We have a yahoo group, Utah Queer Spirit we invite people to join. Will have more to report upon our return.