Monday, March 23, 2009

Clarity About Queer Spirit

Clarity about Queer Spirit: This is more detailed than this note will offer, but something to consider.

There are two misconceptions about Queer Spirit.

1. When John and I started Queer Spirit we saw this originally as a community service to the men in Utah. I think we both under estimated what need this Queer Spirit Movement would facilitate for men through out the country. We often offer day workshops or 2 hour workshops or talking circles. We certainly desire to see a "local" community come from these efforts of men who are connecting, sharing and expanding friendship circles. In fact I would love to see similar communities dot the globe, men consistently gathering, sharing and expanding the stories of who and what we are in humanity. I think we are both surprised at the national and even international circle that is developing from Queer Spirit. I personally have been invited to New Mexico, Bermuda, Oregon, New York to name a few places to facilitate and work with groups in the manner that we are doing here in UTAH. Its exciting to see communities embrace this process that we have started here in UTAH. My personal inspiration was Harry Hay who was one of the founders of the Radical Faeries, again, they dot the globe.

The invitation to participate in any of our events is extended to Everyone who is able to be here regardless of home base, we are all family! Faerie Scout Camp was a great success last year in part to our travelers from outside of UTAH and diverse as some Radical Faeries just happen to find us and added some wonderful color and diversity to our process. SO THIS IS NOT JUST A UTAH BASED/PARTICIPANT PROCESS. By all means if your coming to the retreat from out of town I would be glad to help you out with a place to stay before and after the retreat. Just let us know. At times when folks have joined us they are fed as well as they feed us with that perspective.

2. People keep asking about cost.

Again, we are not a business and this is NOT therapy. The retreat is actually the cost of lodging and food that we pay to the ranch. We run our funds through WHITE CRANE INSTITUTE, a 501 C-3, the fully support our vision and offer us great resources to deal with taxes and such. The ranch, in their support to our vision, offers the retreat at a very reduced cost. The MONTHLY GATHERINGS and HEART CIRCLES are free.

Just show up. Donations are appreciated and what we do get often goes towards scholarships or snacks for such events.

PERU is a cost, but this is to facilitate the trip and supports the Peruvian Shaman for his cost and staff. We would like to see money in reference to Queer Spirit not be an issue, most retreats have at least one or two people who come as a product of scholarships and love offerings from those who appreciate what we do. I fully embrace the ability to manifest exactly what is needed.

I hope this helps clears some of this up. My motto.... if you feel the call or need to be here, step up and let me know. If we can't do it, I will let you know, but typically we can find a way.

This Queer Spirit is my passion and I know John is equally invested. I see such potential in this work and to share this is a true pleasure. Some of you may understand what I am offering or can give better perspective on this than I have and I appreciate your thoughts here as well!


Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision." ~Lynn Lavner