Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sweat Lodge for Queer Men

This saturday night (October 27, 2007) at 7 P.M. Queer Spirit will be hosting a sweat lodge for beginners. This is an ALL GAY MEN'S Lodge. We invite you to come and join us, you are welcome to sit by the fire, join the lodge, share in the Pot Luck meal to follow and otherwise spend some quality time with yourself and with other queer men. Several have RSVP'd and I anticipate a good turn out for the event.

We will go in the lodge around 730. It would be good to be here by 7 p.m. so we can discuss the lodge and do a teaching before going in. This lodge is bigger than the one at Windwalker and the heat moves differently.

Please bring a lite dish to share for after the lodge. Enter the property through the basement enterance on the West side of the house. If you plan to be there a return e mail is helpful.
Jerry Buie

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Jeff said...

I am sad to have missed the sweat last week! I am new to Salt Lake and would love to be invited when you sweat again. I respectfully request an invitation.
Jeff Key
310 621 6596