Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Activity!

Is There A Difference?

"Too often we get captivated by the busyness and hecticness
of daily living that we forget to reference our deeper, intuitive selves...""
– Christian de la Huerta

What is our unique vision of spirituality?
And how does it manifest in a gay/queer context?

Workshop Focusing on Gay Spirituality

Gay spirituality will be the focus of a workshop guided by art therapist Dean Pappas. Participants will create three-dimensional self-portraits using modeling clay which will serve as a jumping-off point for a discussion of each person’s spiritual vision and worldview.

All materials will be supplied and a small fee to cover expenses will be requested. Additional money above and beyond the requested fee may be donated to the scholarship fund designed to assist those in need to attend upcoming retreats.

Dress is informal. It will be unlikely that the modeling clay will get on any clothing, but if you have concerns about damaging clothing, please wear something that you might consider as "work clothes".

Please bring a drink or treat to share.

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