Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Don't Worship Trees!!!


Recently a participant of Queer Spirit said that he was confronted as he invited folks to our Summer Camp: "Why are you Recruiting to your religion? You worship trees!"

Worship? Trees? Religion? UMMMM. Somewhere in our efforts to share what Queer Spirit is about it gets lost in the field of individual stories, fears and concerns. Many of us have been impacted by some form of spiritual abuse and consequently we write off all things "spiritual" In fact, that word "spirit" pushes buttons in and of itself.

As we were discussing this somewhat skewed and misinformed perception we discussed the various "buttons" often revealed in the context of queer men spending time in a communal setting.... stories of, well, tree worship, religion, sex and sexuality, ulterior motives seem to merge into the context of what Queer Spirit is about. In reality it is very simple: "let's talk! let's explore" might be a mantra of Queer Spirit. I encourage folks to explore the writings on the article section of the website as we have attempted to capture the essence of Queer Spirit in these writings.

Back to Tree Worship.

First of all: Trees are beautiful and often, time under a tree can certainly reveal perspective and perception of ourselves. For example: Have you ever heard a tree dismayed if he/she looks as good as the other trees? If he/she fits in?

Probably Not: It simply is. No apology, no explanation, no repentance, no offense. It simply is.

What if Gay Men were rooted.... (pun intended) in a similar philosophy?

Now thats a sermon if I ever heard one.

Those of us encouraging the retreats and the Queer Camp in two weeks are holding to a dream, that gay men will commune, share and laugh together. Find beauty in each other, in all our different shapes, sizes, beliefs, age, struggles and triumphs ..... we simple are.

Please, come, commune, shoot your roots deep into the earth, spread your branches and find the beauty in our community and with each other.... it may be what your looking for!



Anonymous said...

most insightful thing I've read allday.

Jerry Buie said...

Imagine what you might hear and see if you joined one of our groups or activities!