Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meditation & Relaxation

eNerGY is a group in Salt Lake City giving men a safe environment to explore and reconnect with themselves and others through the power and practice of yoga. On Monday, July 23rd, eNerGY will be hosting a Relaxation & Meditation Session at 7pm. The intention of these sessions is to unwind and relax after a long day. The facilitator will teach you healing and cleansing breathing techniques then assist you through a guided meditation. The cost of the session is $10. $5 of your contribution will go directly to the Queer Spirit Scholarship Fund. This fund will allow more men to experience the upcoming Queer Spirit Retreat in September. There will be another eNerGY sponsored Meditation & Relaxation Session on Wednesday, August 22nd. There is still space in both sessions. You may sign up by visiting

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Mike Stiles said...

Hello John, As you know, I have come to almost all your Nude Meditation and Relaxation evenings. There are WONDERFUL especially after a day in the "corporate coal mines". Being nude adds an additional dimension in truly connecting/integrating Body-Mind-Spirit in a totally free and liberating way! Awesome experience! I highly resommned it to all men - stressed or not (if there are any of those). I only wish there were more frequent and a little longer, especially the guided meditation portion. Deeply Relaxing! Jim aka Mike