Sunday, July 29, 2007

More thoughts about WHY?

Two Things:

1. Our meeting on July 26, 2007 was a success, we all enjoyed some nice fried chicken and discussed our lives since the retreat. We looked forward to the next retreat in September with some discussion about what we liked and what we would encourage to have happen differently in September. The feedback and friendship was nice. It was good to see everyone again.

2. Let's step into some thought about "WHY" Queer Spirit?

"Gay people are a community constantly coming out of erasure. With little in the way of social institutions or institutions that are themselves too young or too busy to remember where they came from, Gay people have, from generation to generation the odd experience of feeling like “the only one” and having to construct a healthy adult personality, usually in a hostile environment." Bo Young Editor of White Crane.

My friend Bo has been helping us at Queer Spirit in our quest for grants that supports our efforts in hosting retreats and other events that would address the overall psycho, social and spiritual selves of gay men. The above comment certainly defines the NEED, in particular for the Utah Community, although, I would suggest that this need is both national and global. In our section within this website titled "articles" is an essay by Bo Young that is explores the need for gay men to discover themselves, not only sexually, but intimately, socially, emotionally, culturally, communally, but MOST importantly PROFOUNDLY! To step into a sense of inner and outer confidence that we are a Pro-Found tribe/community with many expressions and culturally relevant and unique gifts to offer society in general.

We (Queer Spirit) are creating the caldron at Windwalker Ranch for us to conjure and explore. Admittedly this is an initial process, a new process and open to suggestions and influences by those participating. Our earlier description of the retreat sounded like this:

"By using ceremony, storytelling, movement, and expression we will create a space that will facilitate friendship, (inter) connection, and improved self-esteem by the unraveling of "old stories" (belief systems that no longer serve us) that often sabotage our efforts in life. This retreat seeks to assist participants in creating "new stories" (healthier belief systems) of empowerment as gay men. Participants will find the higher purpose of their lives by the sharing/processing of personal stories. We will incorporate the use of group process and indigenous ceremony/ritual with the aim of honoring our path as queer men. This process will tap into the hidden mysteries of our lives; mysteries that most indigenous communities have understood for centuries." In many ways this is how we find ourselves. I have had some questions as people attempt to understand this process of what they are getting into. Some want to compare it to popular, intense seminars. So let me see if I can offer more input into what Queer Spirit is about.

Our Goal; To create an opportunity to freely and openly explore who we are, to seek out what we want and to find the loving support of our peers to experience this new found sense of self. To broaden and deepen our sense of what it means to be Queer and to embrace this as a sacred and legitimate gift to the world and to ourselves. There are unique approaches in finding this sense of "vision" that may be our of the ordinary, and yet the mundane and routine is where we often get stuck.


You can sit on your couch, or do the same thing you do every other weekend........ Or you could step out into something new this particular weekend that could alter your sense of self.

Old Story or New Story

Please contact us for further information. Its important to note that we are holding monthly meetings and gatherings that are social, fun and opportunity to share and connect. It is a great way to be introduced to the retreat and get more information.

Stayed tuned! Lets see what unfolds! Would love to see you there.

Jerry Buie
(801) 557-9203

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