Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Body Sensual

One of the areas we'd like to explore in Queer Spirit is our intimate relationships with ourselves and others. As we continue our growth toward a positive self image as gay men, an important area to consider is our sensual and sexual beings.

Many of us may have learned that sexuality, particularly homosexuality, is a sin, immoral, wrong. This message only stunts the growth of the evolving gay man. If we have doubts about our sexuality, it creates yet another self-deprecating message. Further, this hinders our abilities to fully love ourselves and others.

Queer Spirit is dedicated to help the gay man find his true self. Help to change this and other false images we have created about ourselves.

We have designed a workshop called The Body Sensual that begins to explore these intimate and personal relationships with ourselves and those around us.

The Body Sensual puts us back in touch with our sensual, sexual, and even erotic selves. It explores our issues and stories about intimacy and relationships. Through dialog, we begin to discover the origins of why it may be difficult for some of us to fully love ourselves. Through guided touch techniques, we learn how to ask for what we want; know the things that make us feel good. We learn to say "yes" to what we like and "no" to the things we do not like. We also learn to listen to what our partners need and want. With direct and honest communication, experiencing love and pleasure will be more appreciated and valued. What emerges is a fuller respect for yourself.

We have generated some interest in our Queer Spirit Community to hold this workshop. Our first was scheduled for Sunday, August 5th, but was postponed for a later date and time to be determined.

If this is something that interests you, please feel free to contact John ( for more information. This is a special workshop that can be worthwhile for you as an individual or for a couple. We would also like to feature a Body Sensual experience at our retreat in September.

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