Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hey Guys,

Seems like we just met and had this wonderful adventure in Spring City. I personally was uplifted and experienced something profound in that brief weekend.

As promised we are hosting a monthly gathering at my home. We will have a lovely pot luck meal beings the last one was deliciously sinful! We will orchestrate this a bit differently. We will have a Pipe Ceremony in which we will set up the pipe for ceremony like we did at the retreat. The sacred pipe is a way to offer your hearts intent, prayers and hopes for yourself and loved ones. Its a good way to pray when special needs or request need to be honored, it is also a good way to give of yourself and to share of yourself with others. It is with the Pipe that we will have our Heart/Talking Circle and check in with each other. You are welcome to bring a friend(s) if they have been expressing interest in Queer Spirit. Participation at the retreat is not mandatory to attend the circle. The Talking Circle or Heart Circle is a space in which to express yourself, your journey and to let go of what needs to be moved and accept what you are seeking in the commradier of friends. It is also a place for each of us to witness each other's story and journey in a good way. John and I will also be sharing an intial draft of upcoming events that will be of interest. Currently we are working on and likely to get Mark Thompson and his partner Malcolm Boyd to Salt Lake in December. They are well traveled and speak frequently on Queer Spirituality and Eldership. Mark Thompson wrote Gay Soul as well as numerous other books as you might see on his website. (www.markthompsongayspirit.com). If you check out White Crane's Blog (www.gaywisdom.org) and view the YouTube feature about Fellow Travelers you will get a small glimpse of what is coming in December.

At any point, lets get together and broader our circle, increase our vision and discover something new!

Traditionally after a ceremony like the Pipe Ceremony there is a feast and that is where Pot Luck comes in handy. We will meet on September 27, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at my home in Holladay. (2084 East 6425 South. Basement entrance on the west side of the house.) The circle is open to all Queer Men. Please call if you have any questions. RSVP is greatly appreciated as space is limited.

Jerry Buie

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