Friday, September 21, 2007

Mark Thompson and Malcolm Boyd to visit Salt Lake City

Queer Spirit ( in collaboration with
The White Crane Institute ( presents

FELLOW TRAVELERS: Liberation Portraits By Mark Thompson
December 2007


A Cup A Joe Coffee Shop
Salt Lake City

A collection of 14 stunning black & white images of Gay liberation pioneers taken by Mark Thompson, one of the foremost chroniclers of the movement. Thompson is best known for his influential trilogy of books dealing with gay spirituality: Gay Spirit (White Crane Books), Gay Body, and Gay Soul. 

Fellow Travelers has exhibited at the New York Gay & Lesbian Center, San Francisco Public Library, the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, ONE National Gay Archives, and the Los Angeles Episcopal Cathedral. 

A special bonus includes an opportunity to meet this incredible man, his partner (Malcolm Boyd who is highlighted in the exhibit) and perhaps other men featured in the collection. RIght now we are still planning this event but are thinking these two great authors and artist will be in SLC on December 7-9, 2007.

Mark Thompson (, this site contains a beautiful video of this work and the stories around the book) will make public appearances and discuss the community relevance of these pioneers to our identity and life today. These public appearances will take place at A Cup a Joe’s Coffee Shop who has graciously provided a place for this show. Mark Thompson has also agreed to do smaller group processes with those interested. All proceeds/donations will go towards scholarships for those interested in attending Queer Spirit Retreats and have financial hardships. The objective of these appearances will be about self-exploration, understanding our unique history and claiming our essence and gifts within ourselves.

A special treat in this opportunity is the attendance of Malcolm Boyd, ( Author and Activist in his 80’s. Malcolm brings his own unique history to our weekend. Malcolm Boyd, a pioneer in his own right and featured in Gay Soul will also participate in public and smaller group processes. More details are sure to follow.

So I offer this as a heads up, I encourage folks to attend these events, visit the exhibits and dedicate the time to sit with our Queer Wisdom Keepers. As details become more specific I will bring this forward. Donations to support this endeavor are greatly appreciated.

Jerry Buie

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